Crop Scouting

UAS Imagery:
  • Utilizing SlantRange's new 3P field sensor your field imagery data is easier to collect than ever before. Setup, flight, and data analysis for a 160-acre field can be completed in as little as 30 minutes!
  • Multiple map layers for different levels of analysis:
    • Post-Emergence:
      • Plant Population: Advanced algorithms detect each individual plant providing a true stand count
      • Weed Density: Detects early season weeds by distinguishing between a true row crop and invasive species.
    • Full Season Health Survey's
      • Plant Stress: Uses multiple spectral bands across the near infrared and visible to crop stress (nutrient deficiencies, pest impacts, dehydration areas).
      • Vegetation Fraction: Layer used to determine "canopy closure" across the entire field.
      • Yield Potential: Utilizes multiple layers of imagery to give the grower a high-resolution map for future yield potential. Use this to determine high and low spots in fields for product trials.
      • NDVI: Traditional maps for help in determining problematic areas in the field.
UAS Imagery

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