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Services Offered:
Crop Scouting - Ottawa Coop
Crop Scouting

Catch issues in the field before they become a major yield limiter gives you the best chance of ROI.

UAS Imaging - Ottawa Coop
UAS Imagery

Setup, flight, and data analysis for a 160-acre field can be completed in as little as 30 minutes!

Soil Sampling - Ottawa Coop
Soil Sampling

Whole field level of fertility such as pH, P, K, and N as well as the micronutrients.

Grid Sampling - Ottawa Coop
Grid Sampling

Used for diving deep in-depth to determine fertility across any size acreage.

Variable Rate Technology - Ottawa Coop
Variable Rate Technology

Utilizing your grid soil results we can apply fertilizer where it's needed across the field.

Harvest Yield Analysis - Ottawa Coop
Harvest Yield Analysis

Through our software we can easily extract your yield monitor data and process for an easy to read map.

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