Grid Soil Sampling

Grid Soil Sampling:
  • Highly intensive sampling based on an average 2.5-acre grids across the field (size of grids can be done to whatever the growers needs are).
  • GPS grids for relocating in future when it's time to pull new grid samples or analyzing a specific area.
  • Used for diving deep in-depth to determine fertility across any size acreage. High and low deficiency spots in the field can now be targeted by applying more fertilizer where it's needed and less where it's not.
  • We work alongside well-respected laboratories to analyze the soil
  • Our software is used to show fertility across the field on an easy to read map. Any nutrient from Micro's to Macro's, pH, Organic Matter, and soil type are compiled into a mapbook for the farmer (Printed and Digital copies available).

Grid Soil Sampling

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